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Provider Details for: FOUAD AZOURY

The information provided in this report is based upon publicly available data released by Medicare which reported amounts which doctor's charged the agency for various procedures. The data presented here is a guideline for what you may expect to pay for certain procedures, any questions about costs should be directed to your doctor.

First NameFOUAD
Address122201 MOROSS RD
Address2SUITE 356
Provider TypeThoracic Surgery

Provider Procedure List

ProcedureTotal InstancesProvider Average ChargeNational Average Cost
Harvest of veins for coronary artery bypass procedure using an endoscope25$27.00$149.45
Combined vein and artery heart artery bypass11$418.00$610.26
Combined multiple vein and artery heart artery bypasses19$773.00$1,100.03
Combined multiple vein and artery heart artery bypasses14$1,070.00$1,424.89
Heart artery bypass to repair one artery47$3,895.00$5,176.38
Radiological supervision and interpretation of ultrasound of blood vessel16$350.00$178.66
Ultrasonic guidance during surgery39$184.00$272.89
Interpretation and report of heart ultrasound examination using esophageal probe25$217.00$290.37
Initial hospital inpatient care, typically 70 minutes per day69$313.00$383.14