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Provider Details for: MAHMOUD SAMMAN

The information provided in this report is based upon publicly available data released by Medicare which reported amounts which doctor's charged the agency for various procedures. The data presented here is a guideline for what you may expect to pay for certain procedures, any questions about costs should be directed to your doctor.

Address1530 S JACKSON ST
Address2SUITE C07
Provider TypeInterventional Radiology

Provider Procedure List

ProcedureTotal InstancesProvider Average ChargeNational Average Cost
Fine needle aspiration using imaging guidance15$271.00$298.99
Removal of fluid from chest cavity with imaging guidance18$1,156.00$566.35
Insertion of central venous catheter for infusion, patient 5 years or older19$380.00$585.74
Insertion of central venous catheter and implanted device for infusion beneath the skin, patient 5 years or older35$1,792.00$2,246.11
Removal of peripheral venous catheter for infusion22$590.00$940.35
Ultrasound guidance for accessing into blood vessel75$50.00$76.83
Ultrasonic guidance imaging supervision and interpretation for insertion of needle14$105.00$344.39
Fluoroscopic guidance for insertion, replacement or removal of central venous access device68$60.00$96.97
Radiological supervision and interpretation of CT guidance for needle insertion24$175.00$243.99
Moderate sedation services by physician also performing a procedure, patient 5 years of age or older, first 30 minutes15$137.00$201.21