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Provider Details for: DAWN FINKELSTEIN

The information provided in this report is based upon publicly available data released by Medicare which reported amounts which doctor's charged the agency for various procedures. The data presented here is a guideline for what you may expect to pay for certain procedures, any questions about costs should be directed to your doctor.

First NameDAWN
CredentialsOTR, CHT
Address1245 ALVORD PARK RD
Provider TypeOccupational therapist

Provider Procedure List

ProcedureTotal InstancesProvider Average ChargeNational Average Cost
Occupational therapy evaluation35$233.00$150.77
Application of ultrasound to 1 or more areas, each 15 minutes120$36.00$31.30
Therapeutic exercise to develop strength, endurance, range of motion, and flexibility, each 15 minutes379$68.00$54.29
Manual (physical) therapy techniques to 1 or more regions, each 15 minutes230$52.00$52.94