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Provider Details for: CHRISTINE VETTER

The information provided in this report is based upon publicly available data released by Medicare which reported amounts which doctor's charged the agency for various procedures. The data presented here is a guideline for what you may expect to pay for certain procedures, any questions about costs should be directed to your doctor.

Address22ND FLOOR
Provider TypeNuclear Medicine

Provider Procedure List

ProcedureTotal InstancesProvider Average ChargeNational Average Cost
CT scan head or brain322$165.00$188.34
CT scan of face11$220.00$321.34
X-ray of chest, 1 view, front1252$55.00$36.42
X-ray of chest, 2 views, front and side559$65.00$52.99
X-ray of ribs on one side of body including the chest, minimum of 3 views15$55.00$61.19
CT scan chest39$225.00$319.82
CT scan chest with contrast12$560.00$345.96
CT scan of blood vessels in chest with contrast62$700.00$360.88
X-ray of middle spine, 3 views12$45.00$66.63
X-ray of lower and sacral spine, 2 or 3 views31$45.00$76.10
CT scan of upper spine123$225.00$229.36
X-ray of pelvis, 1 or 2 views24$45.00$58.43
X-ray of shoulder, minimum of 2 views30$55.00$69.58
X-ray of elbow, minimum of 3 views12$45.00$50.64
X-ray of wrist, minimum of 3 views13$35.00$63.28
X-ray of hand, minimum of 3 views18$35.00$58.97
X-ray of ribs of one side of body, minimum of 2 views56$45.00$66.28
X-ray of knee, 1 or 2 views13$35.00$64.60
X-ray of knee, 4 or more views27$45.00$89.90
X-ray of lower leg, 2 views14$35.00$42.29
X-ray of ankle, minimum of 3 views23$35.00$59.79
X-ray of foot, minimum of 3 views30$45.00$63.50
CT scan leg12$210.00$275.28
X-ray of abdomen, single view30$35.00$41.89
Imaging of abdomen55$55.00$53.45
CT scan of abdomen and pelvis92$330.00$405.92
CT scan of abdomen and pelvis with contrast122$355.00$475.20
Ultrasound of breasts11$76.00$158.17
Ultrasound of abdomen29$115.00$132.98
Ultrasound behind abdominal cavity38$145.00$194.19
Computer analysis of screening mammogram to assist detection of cancer19$10.00$22.52
Nuclear medicine study with CT imaging skull base to mid-thigh100$430.00$1,814.34
Ultrasound scanning of blood flow (outside the brain) on both sides of head and neck14$135.00$311.82
Ultrasound scan of veins of both arms or legs including assessment of compression and functional maneuvers52$150.00$257.09
Ultrasound scan of veins of one arm or leg or limited including assessment of compression and functional maneuvers59$100.00$165.31
Screening mammography, producing direct digital image, bilateral, all views19$90.00$168.91