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Provider Details for: ROBERT STEINBOCK

The information provided in this report is based upon publicly available data released by Medicare which reported amounts which doctor's charged the agency for various procedures. The data presented here is a guideline for what you may expect to pay for certain procedures, any questions about costs should be directed to your doctor.

First NameROBERT
Address14000 KRESGE WAY
Provider TypeInterventional Radiology

Provider Procedure List

ProcedureTotal InstancesProvider Average ChargeNational Average Cost
Needle biopsy of muscle, accessed through the skin12$587.00$390.72
Aspiration and/or injection of large joint or joint capsule45$398.00$208.88
Needle biopsy of lung or chest tissue, accessed through the skin32$587.00$477.30
Removal of fluid from chest cavity with imaging guidance30$734.00$566.35
Insertion of central venous catheter for infusion, patient 5 years or older23$228.00$481.38
Needle or trocar bone marrow biopsy14$537.00$434.97
Insertion of nasal or oral stomach tube using fluoroscopic guidance13$230.00$169.86
Needle biopsy of liver, accessed through the skin18$587.00$525.20
Drainage of fluid from abdominal cavity using imaging guidance28$678.00$485.70
Needle biopsy of abdominal cavity growth, accessed through the skin13$587.00$480.02
Spinal tap for diagnosis17$234.00$342.83
Injection of dye for X-ray imaging and/or CT of spinal canal35$897.00$514.12
CT scan head or brain477$255.00$188.34
CT scan of face17$312.00$321.34
CT scan of blood vessel of head with contrast37$459.00$367.39
CT scan of neck blood vessels with contrast37$401.00$390.09
MRA scan of neck blood vessels before and after contrast13$453.00$583.66
MRI scan brain35$345.00$522.22
MRI scan of brain before and after contrast69$453.00$888.31
X-ray of chest, 1 view, front768$45.00$36.42
X-ray of chest, 2 views, front and side1273$51.00$52.99
X-ray of ribs of one side of body, 2 views16$48.00$55.94
X-ray of ribs on one side of body including the chest, minimum of 3 views27$65.00$61.19
CT scan chest102$289.00$319.82
CT scan chest with contrast50$360.00$345.96
CT scan of blood vessels in chest with contrast73$360.00$360.88
X-ray of spine, 1 view20$48.00$56.67
X-ray of spine of neck, 2 or 3 views18$51.00$73.61
X-ray of upper spine, 4 or 5 views48$70.00$99.66
X-ray of upper spine, 6 or more views29$87.00$121.94
X-ray of middle spine, 3 views38$57.00$58.19
X-ray of lower and sacral spine, 2 or 3 views41$57.00$76.10
X-ray of lower and sacral spine, minimum of 4 views124$77.00$103.13
X-ray lower and sacral spine including bending views minimum 6 views48$100.00$173.85
CT scan of upper spine68$289.00$229.36
CT scan of upper spine with contrast22$320.00$402.53
CT scan of lower spine28$332.00$300.65
CT scan of lower spine with contrast58$367.00$365.29
MRI scan of upper spinal canal16$345.00$766.33
MRI scan of lower spinal canal28$345.00$792.35
MRI scan of lower spinal canal before and after contrast19$453.00$1,003.76
X-ray of pelvis, 1 or 2 views68$51.00$58.43
Radiological supervision and interpretation X-ray of lower spinal canal45$202.00$292.83
Radiological supervision and interpretation X-ray of spinal canal, 2 or more spinal regions14$313.00$452.64
Radiological supervision and interpretation of percutaneous repair or reconstruction of vertebra (accessed through the skin) using fluoroscopic guidance17$393.00$326.25
X-ray of shoulder, minimum of 2 views73$48.00$69.58
X-ray of upper arm, minimum of 2 views20$44.00$44.69
X-ray of elbow, 2 views19$30.00$56.14
X-ray of wrist, minimum of 3 views27$48.00$63.28
X-ray of hand, minimum of 3 views30$48.00$58.97
X-ray of hip on one side of body, 1 view39$45.00$60.77
X-ray of ribs of one side of body, minimum of 2 views150$57.00$66.28
X-ray of both hips minimum 2 views14$113.00$86.80
X-ray of hip during surgery30$63.00$55.53
X-ray of thigh, 2 views27$45.00$48.44
X-ray of knee, 1 or 2 views187$44.00$64.60
X-ray of knee, 3 views23$48.00$79.55
X-ray of lower leg, 2 views21$45.00$42.29
X-ray of ankle, 2 views14$43.00$63.32
X-ray of ankle, minimum of 3 views50$45.00$59.79
X-ray of foot, minimum of 3 views68$48.00$63.50
X-ray of abdomen, single view192$51.00$41.89
Imaging of abdomen15$77.00$63.26
Imaging of abdomen38$68.00$53.45
Imaging of abdomen and chest23$82.00$62.49
CT scan of abdomen and pelvis132$541.00$405.92
CT scan of abdomen and pelvis with contrast153$614.00$475.20
CT scan of abdomen and pelvis before and after contrast13$794.00$747.14
Imaging for evaluation of swallowing function323$128.00$105.94
Radiological supervision and interpretation X-ray of bile and/or pancreatic ducts during surgery18$88.00$68.67
Imaging of urinary tract31$82.00$174.64
Ultrasound of head and neck73$159.00$186.47
Ultrasound of breasts51$114.00$158.17
Ultrasound of abdomen19$189.00$215.90
Ultrasound of abdomen126$139.00$132.98
Ultrasound behind abdominal cavity59$166.00$194.19
Ultrasound behind abdominal cavity, limited54$109.00$170.04
Ultrasound pelvis through vagina14$168.00$232.06
Ultrasound of pelvis13$194.00$226.62
Ultrasound guidance for accessing into blood vessel23$40.00$76.83
Ultrasonic guidance imaging supervision and interpretation for insertion of needle26$146.00$344.39
Fluoroscopic guidance for insertion, replacement or removal of central venous access device26$49.00$96.97
Fluoroscopic guidance for insertion of needle56$114.00$218.10
Fluoroscopic guidance for spine or spinal canal injection19$113.00$206.38
Radiological supervision and interpretation of CT guidance for needle insertion97$246.00$243.99
Computer analysis of diagnostic mammogram50$7.00$22.09
Computer analysis of screening mammogram to assist detection of cancer537$7.00$22.52
Bone density measurement using dedicated X-ray machine251$58.00$166.12
Imaging of liver and bile duct system with use of drugs11$308.00$230.95
Stomach emptying study13$255.00$209.59
Bone and/or joint imaging, whole body70$290.00$231.36
Bone and/or joint imaging, 3 phase study14$290.00$267.77
Nuclear medicine study of lung ventilation and blood circulation in the lungs17$255.00$189.62
Screening mammography, producing direct digital image, bilateral, all views538$105.00$168.91
Diagnostic mammography, producing direct digital image, bilateral, all views32$105.00$206.53
Diagnostic mammography, producing direct digital image, unilateral, all views45$92.00$161.67
Bone marrow aspiration performed with bone marrow biopsy through the same incision on the same date of service14$196.00$92.54